what we do

The Empower Project is an intersectional, feminist, membership organisation supporting communities to lead change to end gender based violence in Scotland.

Our focus is on responding to violence and abuse in the digital age, looking specifically at online and tech abuse. This includes image abuse (so called revenge porn), sextortion, doxxing and harassment.

We do this by creating spaces for young people to share their experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings about these issues, and supporting them to participate in figuring out what our community response to tech abuse should look like. This means talking to the Scottish Government, sexual health workers, elected officials, education folk and support workers.


We run training for professionals on issues relating to speaking out against sexism, sex and relationships in the digital age, support needs and what current practice and policy says about tech abuse. 


Previous clients have included; Amina MWRC, Dundee Women's Aid, Highland Youth, Rape Crisis Scotland and more. Fill out the form below to get in touch for more info. 


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We want our membership to represent a wide range of diverse experiences, and aim to have 75% of our members under 25. We want to centre the experiences of black, trans, LGB, and disabled young people.


We run discussion groups, picnics, discos, alternative markets and other activities to hear from folk about what they think about tech abuse and what we should do about it. 

Membership is £1 a year for individuals and organisations. Get in touch to join!