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Happy new year all! We hope it was restful and restorative.

Now we're in 2019, what better time to talk about cyber flashing???

We're launching a campaign about unsolicited pics- whether they're in your DMS, or in your airdrop, we're interested in your stories and experiences, and what we can do about it.

Cyberflashing is when someone shares an intimate image of themselves without your consent, and not only is it illegal, it's also a gross thing to do.

We want to change this.

You don't have to share your name, or details you're not comfortable with, but if you have a cyber flashing story you'd like to share, email us, fill out the form, comment below or DM us on our social.

We'd like to see cyber flashing being taken seriously, and we'd like to know why so many boys and men think it's ok to send unsolicited pics. We want to see changes in how communities respond to it, and what we can do to support folk who've experienced it.

Only by gathering your stories can we speak out as one voice and make change. We believe you, we're here for you, and let's make change in 2019 <3

Download our poster and get sharing!

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