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A reminder

A Reminder.

Leyla Josephine

You are okay. The screams sketched on screens? They aren’t with you, not really, not present, not now. Don’t carry them with you, leave them where they are. I bet over a coffee and cake the machine gun typing, would seem smaller would seem much less frightening. Maybe you’d have a laugh, agree to disagree. Maybe you’d have things in common. Maybe you’d become friends. This isn’t real. I promise, This isn’t real. There is power in the snap of the laptop closing. Closing down the windows, logging off for a while deleting the account. It will be there later if you really need it. But the clear skies, the oak table, the lavender sheets, the milky tea. They’re waiting to be enjoyed. The world still spins when you look away from those screens.

Leyla Josephine is a poet, performer and educator. You can find her here


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