don't be a dick

Don't be dick, calls on policy makers and practitioners to take cyberflashing seriously.

Cyberflashing is when someone sends an intimate image of themselves to someone else without that person's consent. It can be done through messages, DMs, PMs, airdrop and through email.

Many women and girls tell us about their experiences and we know what an impact it can have on people's self esteem, relationships, engagement in education and sexual autonomy.

Cyber flashing is a crime, but more than that- it's also a form of gender based violence and it needs to stop.

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Share our poster, get involved in our campaign and tell perpetrators- don't be a dick. 

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We hear all the time from folk about their experiences of cyber flashing, and we want to gather this together to make change.

You don't have to share your real name,stories shared may be made public (without your details) 

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need help?

If you've experienced cyber flashing it can feel scary, unsettling, or overwhelming. It can feel like you're alone, but you're not. There's organisations out there who can help you. We've pulled together a list of some of them here

Childline: Support for under 18s, but lots of useful information for everyone about how to report cyberflashing on different platforms.

Chayn: A fantastic resource for survivors to access lots of different support tools online

Rape Crisis Scotland: The national resource for those who've experienced sexual violence, with details of local groups and support services.

Scottish Women's Aid: The national resource for those who experienced domestic abuse, with details of local support services