our strategy

Whilst strategy sounds a bit buzz-wordy (because it is!) over at The Empower Project, we like a good plan. 

Our strategy highlights how we will work with local communities to make positive change and combat online and tech abuse over the next 2 years. Going into 2021, the world in which we operate is different to any year before.

2020 provided both opportunities and challenges for The Empower Project. As a charity that relies on in-real-life interactions with our community, translating our services to online only allowed us to continue to have conversations and provide vital training.


Yet, as so much of our work involves going into community spaces and creating safe spaces, we recognise that for many, talking about online harm in online spaces can be challenging.

Our work over the past two years has demonstrated that engagement with

The Empower Project comes in all shapes and sizes: we have trialled programmes specifically focused on young people alongside running engagement events, and training sessions that have had attendees aged 30+.


Online and tech abuse impacts everyone, regardless of age. So, over the next two years our approach will operate across three key areas: community, learn and influence. Within each area of our strategy, we will focus not on who, but on what people want from our charity.

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