our vision & mission

our vision: Communities ending violence against women and girls.

our mission: The Empower Project is an intersectional, feminist, membership organisation supporting communities to lead change to end violence against women and girls in Scotland.

our values

we are:
•PROACTIVE: We anticipate arising issues through prioritising the voices and testimonies of young people and those who have experienced or are experiencing gender based violence. We focus on dealing with the underlying causes of gender based violence, and not just the symptoms.

•BOLD: We are uncompromising in our core beliefs of gender equality, and our commitment to ending gender based violence, which we believe goes hand in hand with ending wider societal inequality. We challenge ourselves and those around us.

•ACCESSIBLE: We strive to make our work understandable to all members of society, making it as easy as possible for communities and individuals to engage with us and participate/contribute in achieving our mission. People should feel comfortable in taking ownership and shaping their own agenda on addressing GBV in their communities. We provide fun and positive spaces for members because we value the self-care of our movement.